Updates From South Africa

Updates From South Africa

I mentioned last week how it has been a somewhat slow summer for climbing news.  Part of this can be attributed to the lack of action taking place here in the States, but another reason is that one of the more popular international summer climbing destinations in the world has a sub par connection to the internet.  I’m of course talking about the Rocklands of South Africa.

The Rocklands have gained increasing notoriety these past years as they have been featured in several films and top American climbers like Paul Robinson and Daniel Woods made headlines with their impressive sending sprees.  Unfortunately for those of us stuck here in the States, news from South Africa is hard to come by due to the aforementioned poor internet connection.
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That said, there are several climbers in South Africa who have either posted brief updates while down there or are posting better updates upon their return.  Through these updates from “regular” climbers it’s possible to glean useful information about what climbing at the Rocklands is like for sub V14 climbers as well as what it would be like to visit the surrounding area.
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For example, Paul Barraza’s blog offers some insight from one member of his party who offers an opinion you don’t normally hear about the climbing at the Rocklands:

And climbing: it’s pretty fun. There are definitely not as many problems as I expected and not a lot of intermediate grade problems. The climbing areas are spread out and generally do not have a high concentration of problems, which makes for some challenges in determining where to climb. We’ve still only been to three areas, so this assessment might change.

One can also learn from reading Justin Alarcon’s blog that the access situation seems to be changing as landowners and rangers are beginning to charge fees that are, according to Alarcon, “understandable and minimal compared to what we would pay in the States”.

I thought it might be helpful to list  a few blogs of people who have been climbing in South Africa this summer in case you are interested in learning more about the Rocklands.  Here they are in no particular order:

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  1. ryan July 30, 2009 at 1:17 pm #


    (more SA blogging)

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  2. picard August 1, 2009 at 11:42 am #

    I Found this post through Google while surfing. I ‘v just came back from 2 weeks journey in South Africa.
    I guess it’s the most lovely nature country in the world. When i read your post I could hear the seagulls.

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