Chris Sharma Sends Clark Mountain Super Project:  Jumbo Love (5.15b)

Chris Sharma Sends Clark Mountain Super Project: Jumbo Love (5.15b)

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The Big Up Blog is reporting that Chris Sharma has climbed the fabled project at California’s Clark Mountain.  This was the route featured in King Lines that had sick aerial shots of Sharma taking massive whippers on the 200+ ft. line.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite pull it off at the time.  Yesterday, Sharma put it all together:

Chris returned to the States this summer fitter than ever and with full focus on the Clark Mountain project. About ten days ago he had a breakthrough attempt, getting a few moves below the lip of the cave. He called us to let us know he was close, and B and Coop flew out to try and catch the send. Last week it hit 100 degrees in Vegas, and conditions were not ideal for limit climbing, but on Thursday, 9/11 it all came together, he owned every hold, did every sequence exactly right, and topped out his hardest, proudest route.

No mention of a grade or name right now, but this route is clearly a contender for one of the hardest routes in the U.S.  You have to give a lot of credit to Randy Leavitt for having the vision to bolt this route over 10 years ago!

For more information, here are a few old posts I had about this route:

I’m sure we can look foward to seeing the footage of Sharma climbing this route in an upcoming release from Big Up, stay tuned to find out when that happens.
Update: The route is being called Jumbo LoveClick here for more info

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