Momentum Video Magazine Follow-Up

I was pleased to see the positive response to my initial post on the Momentum Video Magazine Premium Section. It seemed like many people were intrigued by MVM and were going to give it a try at some point. I would be interested in hearing people’s thoughts so far so please leave a comment below.

I realized after my initial review that I had actually left out a key point that I wanted to be sure to bring up. I had not intially seen the extensive archives section of the site that dates back to the start of the project early in 2007. As you can see below, the list of premium videos offered on the site is actually quite a bit larger than I initially thought. With over 50 videos currently available for viewing in the premium area only, there is a lot of additional content to go along with all the free stuff. I haven’t yet taken the time to catalog all the free offerings, but if you consider that the premium area lets you see those videos in a much better resolution it adds another bonus to subscribing. Given all this, I have to say that I really recommend that you give the premium subscription a try if you enjoy climbing videos. With more videos being added each day (including the upcoming footage of Paul Robinson climbing Terremer), it seems the value of your subscription is only going to increase.

The list below includes all the videos available in the Premium Archives as of 1/23/2008. Some of the more recent videos have a * next to them indicating their coolness but I haven’t taken the time to do it for the entire archive list. The summaries of the content of each video is mostly from memory so there could be a few mistakes.

  • Lauren Lee on Captain Fantastic (5.13c) at the Virgin River Gorge
  • Kevin Jorgeson doing the FA of crazy Hueco Highballs – The Duel (V10) and Stick or Stones (V8)
  • Austria’s David Lama climbing Dark Waters (V12) at Clear Creek Canyon
  • Paul Robinson repeating Terremer (V15) at Hueco Tanks
  • Joe Kinder climbing Hard Blues (5.14a) at American Fork Canyon, UT
  • Ethan Pringle on Wet Dream (V12) at Red Rocks, NV
  • Matt Wilder climbing The Force (V11), The Diamond (V8) and Shadow Warrior (V12) in Yosemite, CA
  • Pawtuckaway bouldering from Tim Kemple featuring Halcyon (V11)
  • Daniel Woods climbing Midnight Express (V14) & Free Range V13 in Boulder Canyon – 2nd ascent & 3rd ascents respectively – Also David Lama doing Cage Free V11*
  • Part 2 of Chuck Fryberger’s adventures in Oman including a rad looking V12 FA*
  • Chris Linder on the FA of the The All Around Routine (5.14a) Ibex, UT*
  • Dave Graham climbing Leccion 8 (5.14c) at Les Bruixes, Spain*
  • Ethan Pringle and Dave Graham working the “Sharma Project” at Clark Mountain, California*
  • Chuck Fryberger discovering bouldering in Oman*
  • Justin Alarcon climbing Pine Box (V11) in Yosemite
  • Mike Beck climbing Side Show Bob (5.13c) in American Fork Canyon, UT*
  • Joe Kinder climbing Living in Fear (5.13d++) in Rifle, CO*
  • Ethan Pringle climbing King Air (V10) in Yosemite
  • A feature on the bouldering in Elephant Rocks State Park, Missouri
  • Ally Dorey climbing The Beast (5.13a) in Rifle, CO*
  • Jody Hansen climbing Handi Capps (V9) and Kind Traverse (V11) in RMNP, CO
  • Dave Graham climbing Super Tweak (5.14b) in Logan Canyon, UT
  • Chris Sierzant establishing Ebola Project (V12) at Little River Canyon, AL
  • James Litz establishing Warpath (possible V15) at Castle Rocks, ID*
  • Timy Fairfield and Brandi Proffitt bouldering in Big Block, New Mexico
  • Amy Cockerham climbing Dead Souls (5.13d/5.14a) at American Fork Canyon, UT
  • A Chuck Fryberger feature on Rob Pizem’s recent alpine wall FA Back to the Earth (5.13d, 3 pitches) near Mt. Evans, CO*
  • Kevin Jorgeson climbing Ode to the Modern Man (V14) at Mt. Evans, CO
  • Mike Helke from Organic bouldering in Vedauwoo
  • Ethan Pringle climbing Realization (5.15a) at Ceuse
  • Ty Landman climbing Nothing But Sunshine (V13) in RMNP
  • Lauren Lee climbing El Dolphin (5.13a) in Rodellar, Spain
  • Several daily compilations from Mallorca including Ethan Pringle climbing the Es Pontas arch
  • Two videos featuring Ben Scott climbing highballs like The Nothing (V8) at Mt. Evans, CO
  • Two videos on the bouldering in the Caribbean
  • Footage from the outdoor bouldering comp held during the 2007 Summer Outdoor Retailers Trade Show
  • Ty Landman making the 2nd ascent of Jade (V15) in RMNP, CO – Also the 2nd ascent of Wildcat (V12)
  • Matt Birch climbing Somewhere in Time (V13) at the Tramway, CA
  • Jon Cardwell climbing Andy Raether’s Kuru (5.14c) in Rifle, CO
  • Dave Graham climbing Escalatamasters (5.14d)
  • Ty Landman climbing Ode to the Modern Man (V14)
  • Bernd Zangerl & Fred Nicole climbing Black Shadow (V13) at the Rocklands, South Africa
  • Ally Dorey bouldering on the Millenium Boulder
  • Andy Raether making the 2nd ascent of Tommy Caldwell’s Grand Ole Opry (5.14c?)
  • Daniel Woods making an iceless repeat of Wrinkle in Time (V11) at Joe’s Valley, UT
  • Footage from the Big Up vault of Dave Graham climbing in RMNP in 2000 Features an ascent of Automator (V13) and discussion of the project that would later become Jade
  • Paul Robinson flashing Jitterbug Perfume (V11) and Prince of Thieves (V12); Daniel Woods flashing Jitterbug Perfume all in Joe’s Valley, UT
  • Paul Robinson doing the FA of Blackout (V12) at Joe’s Valley, UT
  • Arkansas bouldering featuring Jason Kehl and others on sick highballs
  • Jamie Emerson climbing on Circadian Rhythm (V13) at Poudre Canyon, CO
  • Timy Fairfield shows some of the bouldering in New Mexico
  • Ben Scott bouldering at Red Feather Lakes, CO
  • Melissa Lipani climbing Shingles (V9) at Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT
  • Ethan Pringle repeating Eclipse (V13) among others at LCC, UT
  • Paul Robinson making the FA of Wrinkle in Time (V11) over the ice at Joe’s Valley, UT
  • Emily Harrington climbing Burning Down The House (5.14b) at the Jailhouse, CA
  • Chris Sharma shallow water bouldering at Squamish, BC
  • Kevin Jorgeson climbing Swarm (V14) in Bishop, CA
  • Ty Landman climbing Nagual (V13/14) at Hueco Tanks, TX
  • ABS Nationals 2007 footage
  • Matt Segal on the FA of Iron Monkey (5.14a trad)
  • Seth Allred bouldering at Mt. Evans, CO featuring Gorillas in the Mist, Hume Problem, and Super Gui
  • Spain Files featuring Joe Kinder & Dave Graham including DG getting owned in the eye by a broom
  • Two more videos of Bernd Zangerl doing what he does best

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7 Responses to Momentum Video Magazine Follow-Up

  1. straightouttabedlam has over 75 videos in ITS premium section.. just saying….


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  2. Tony January 8, 2008 at 4:41 pm #

    Are videos that were in the old MVM still available for free, or is that one of the perks?

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  3. Climbing Narcissist January 9, 2008 at 6:15 am #

    They are only available to subscribers or those that purchase the DVDs

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