News & Notes – 7/23/2007

News & Notes – 7/23/2007

A few quick hitters:

  • Jon Cardwell has been having a good run out in Europe. In the past month he has done 4 .14b’s. Most recently he completed La Chronique de la Haine at Ceuse.
  • Alan Moore recently sent The Gay Science (.13d), Gayness (.14a) and Zulu (.14a) at Rifle in the same day.
  • If you haven’t read it already, you should check out my post on Sharma sending his latest project.
  • Ty Landman cleaned up another hard classic on the Dali Boulder at Mt Evans last week when he made quick work of Mental Masterbation (V12)

Photo: Wade David

  • Ty Landman also established another FA in the Park this past week. This time it is a new roof problem on the Skipper Roof in Upper Chaos that he called Next Friday that is around V11. Watch him do the FA and Seth Allred quickly repeat in the video below.

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