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Bear Grylls surviving on his own

As a regular viewer of the hit TV show Man vs. Wild I always had my suspicions about how much of the show was really “surviving” and how much of it was staged. However, the host Bear Grylls has a sweet British accent and he comes off as fairly believable. I have always wondered how much hardship he could be enduring with a camera crew in tow but the show doesn’t really ever elaborate on it.

Imagine my “shock” when I came across an article in the UK’s Daily Mail about how Grylls has been “surviving” in hotels:

In one episode filmed in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains he was shown biting off the head of a snake for breakfast and boasting that he was living on ‘just a water bottle, a cup and a flint for making fire’.

Viewers were not told that he was actually spending some nights in the Pines Resort hotel at Bass Lake, where the rooms have Internet access and is advertised as ‘a cosy getaway for families’ complete with blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

If you can’t trust TV hosts, who can you trust??

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