Treatment Day # Who Knows

I haven’t had too much to say on here lately about my rehab efforts because frankly it’s not really that exciting.
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I did some physical therapy for a while, thought I was almost better for a while, climbed a few times, and now I’m back doing the physical therapy thing.

Previously I was doing stretching, strengthening, massage and ultrasound. That cleared up the problem with my shoulder pretty quickly but this festering pain in my elbow still remains…or rather it keeps on moving to a different part of my elbow. It has hurt in 3 separate places so far, I didn’t know that elbow had that many places for me to overwork…

Now onto the latest and greatest (read: last ditch) treatment technique: iontophoresis. This is a somewhat bizarre treatment method.
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The basic premise is to have a pad with an anti-inflammatory drug (in my case Dexamethasone) and through the use of electric currents this is transmitted into the problem area. Anybody that knows anything about using electrical currents, like jumping your car, knows that you need to have a ground. I guess there is no better place to place the ground than my forearm so that is what they do. Then they crank up the current until it hurts a bit and you cross your fingers and hope you aren’t burning your skin while the current runs into your arm for 15 minutes.
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Does it work? I have had 3 “iontos” so far and I’m not all that convinced that things feel any different. There are definitely times where this all seems to be a guessing game as far as treatments go.

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