News & Notes – 6/4/2007

Back from rock climbing in Iowa of all places…

  • Joe Kinder and Jon Cardwell both repeated Andy Raether’s route Kuru 5.14c at Rifle, CO. Joe commented that the route is 45% manufactured which sort of gives you the impression that he says this as a negative against the route. Of course 8a overreacts to this comment so Andy reponds:
  • i would like to say that Kuru is a link that i created connecting two existing routs that were put up at least ten years ago. The Crew, and Zulu. the link section that i created is %100 natural. The bottom of the Crew climbs through total choss that is loaded with glue. the link and as far as i can tell the rest of Zulu is all natural. i think that %45 manufacturing is a exaggeration.
    i would also like to say that if you think that unnatural routs are wrong or not worth climbing, then dont climb them.
    i have never manufactured anything at all. 

  • Patxi Usobiaga has now onsighted 17 5.14a’s!
  • If you haven’t already, you need to check out Chad Greedy’s new blog. An endless stream of videos.
  • The rest of issue 4 of the momentum video magazine is up.

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