Envy & Joe’s Valley Bouldering

First off, despite the fact that I tend to read way too much about climbers and know more about their sends than they probably do, I do not really know any of the climbers that I report about here. It’s just another facet of being narcissistic; I am abnormally obsessed with the accomplishments of others. It also doesn’t help that there are fewer than 10 classic boulder problems in Wisconsin. You go to Bishop, Hueco, or HP40 and there are several at just one area. I’m a beta whore…what can I say.

With that out of the way, Jamie Emerson has a very nice write up about his trip this weekend to Joe’s Valley. As I stated above, I don’t pretend to know Jamie but from what I can gather he seems like a cool guy. I get the impression that he works really hard to be able to climb at the level he does plus he is one of the few hard hard climbers (that talks about what he does) older than me so it gives me hope for later on in life.

Pretty cool pictures of them trying to repeat Paul Robinson’s recent FA ‘Blackout’. Neither Jamie nor Ty Landman sent, but Ty maintains that he would have sent if not for his busted tip. Jamie also references a super classic looking V8 called ‘The Wind Below’. I am almost positive that I have seen a video of this before done by Wade David. Check out his site and it should be in one of his videos from October at Joe’s Valley. If it isn’t…then find it yourself. I think I saw the original video on bouldering.com but you might as well just hit up the source.

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