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“High Fives And Redbull”

Andrew Bisharat:

Everyone knows that Instagram serves no purpose other than a way to make your life seem much cooler than it actually is to all your friends and/or followers, the deeper intention, of course, being to simultaneously make them jealous and bolster your own image.

I spent a lot of time nodding my head as I read this post and even laughed out loud at the “high fives and Redbull” part.  I also spent a lot of time being jealous of his trip to Australia….

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Chris Sharma To Join Dawn Wall Team

So…this is happening (maybe…hopefully) :

Chris Sharma will join Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson, and Jonathan Siegrist for this fall’s attempts on the Dawn Wall, a multi-year project to create the world’s hardest big-wall free climb. The team will begin working on the Dawn Wall this week, pending resolution of the federal government shutdown, which has closed Yosemite National Park.

I’ll be honest, I did a triple take and checked the date on my calendar when I saw this.  Not because I don’t believe that Sharma could excel at this sort of thing, but rather because this is an insane team of climbers to have together on the wall.  Add Dave Graham to the mix and my head might explode.

This leaves us no choice, call your congressman and demand they support Dawn Wall 2013.

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Psicobloc Masters Series 2013 Highlights

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Chris Sharma Conquers La Dura Dura

Interesting piece by Andrew Bisharat for Prana looking at Chris Sharma’s journey to climb La Dura Dura (5.15c):

Some five years ago, La Dura Dura didn’t exist other than as a simple, vague desire within Sharma to progress as a climber. In 2008, at 27 years old, Sharma had just sent Jumbo Love, thereby establishing the first rock climb rated 5.15b. This was actually the second time Sharma had advanced the world standard; in 2001, he climbed Realization, the first 5.15a. By many measures, Sharma had proven himself to be the best climber of his generation. It was something he had been told all his adult life, too—flattering hype that always made him uncomfortable, if not wary. But it wasn’t until he completed Jumbo Love that he realized one of the reasons why.

Sharma looked within and realized he’d been climbing for 15 years and, thus far, he hadn’t really had to try very hard to be the best.

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Lynn Hill Interviews Chris Sharma

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PCTV: Psicobloc Masters Series 2013

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