Story Behind The Image: Three Degrees of Chris Sharma

Really enjoyed this story from Corey Rich about how he came to capture some images of Chris Sharma on his unrepeated route Three Degrees Of Separation in Ceuse, France:

The real story behind this image, however, is the climb that Chris ultimately created. This route, this seemingly nondescript line that Chris may have never bothered bolting had we not approached him with this project, ended up becoming one of Sharma’s great masterpieces.
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The route was not just an easy “5.
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13 or something,” as Chris had thought. In fact, it ended up being a really unique and really hard 5.14d that is distinguished by three massive, consecutive dynos (huge jumps between holds).
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Chris spent that week working on the line, sending it after a few days of effort. He called the route Three Degrees of Separation in reference to the three dynos.

See also Rich’s post about an image he captured of Sharma on the famous arch in Mallorca.

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