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Alex Honnold Interviewed On ClimbTalk Radio

Emanating from the Boulder bubble on the local AM station, ClimbTalk Radio has been on my radar since its inception, but I can’t say I’ve heard too many of the shows.  Since I don’t live in Boulder the only way to hear the show was to read co-host Dave McAllister‘s insane transcripts or to navigate the station’s maze-like website to download mp3 files of the episodes.  Lame1.

The lameness has subsided now that ClimbTalk is available as a podcast through iTunes or whatever your podcast client of choice happens to be2.  I’ve caught up on a few of the recent episodes, including the interview with Alex Honnold as he sat on a portaledge 8 pitches up El Cap and the group discussion with LT11’s Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman, Jamie Emerson and Adam Markert.

The Honnold conversation was funny, insightful and overall very entertaining.  Try not to have any food in your mouth when they discuss the finer points of “man spooning” on portaledges.  The group discussion was good and had a lot of promise, but host Mike Brooks’ penchant for talking over guests the entire show to repeatedly identify who was speaking marred the flow of the conversation quite a bit.

You can check out the full archives on the ClimbTalk website or subscribe via RSS or the podcast client of your choice.

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     Although that’s kind of lame too.
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  2.  I use Instacast on my iPhone
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ClimbTalk Live With Graham, Kehl, Greedy & More

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“I’m An Equal Opportunity Sheriff”

I’m a big fan of the interviews done on Boulder’s ClimbTalk Radio and thanks to the hard work of Dave McAllister we can all peruse transcripts of the shows.  The latest interview to be transcribed with B3Bouldering.com‘s Jamie Emerson touches on a wide variety of topics including Jamie’s work on a guidebook for RMNP and Mt. Evans, the evolution of his blog and his status as the unofficial Sheriff of the climbing community:

You know, if I question, “Did someone start there or do this,” they take it really personally.  Even though I think it’s important that we discuss these issues and I know a lot of times it’s my friends.
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  In fact, I called Dave Graham out for starting in an inappropriate place and he was not happy with me, at all.  We had to have a little talk about it.  He was like, “It’s really ridiculous that you’re calling me out.”  I’m like, “Hey, I’m an equal opportunity Sheriff.  I’ll write tickets for everyone.”  No one’s above being questioned, including myself.
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  Ironically, I feel like I get questioned more than anyone.

Check out the full interview here.

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The Key To Being World Cup Champion?

With Austrian climbers winning the recent sport climbing World Cup in Boulder as well as the overall Boulder World Cup title, you might be wondering what their secret to success is.  In an appearance on Boulder’s ClimbTalk Radio Show World Cup Champ Kilian Fischhuber let us in on this key tip:

I always climb my problems on my last try.  And I keep doing that.  It’s really cool.

Ok, maybe there’s more to being a World Cup champion than that, but check out the rest of the transcript of the interview for a fun conversation with Fischhuber, Anna Stöhr, Chuck Fryberger, Cody Roth and Jonathan Siegrist.

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Bouldering World Cup Champs Fischhuber & Stöhr To Appear On ClimbTalk Radio

On Friday, September 2 reigning World Cup Bouldering champs Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stöhr will be live in studio for Boulder, Colorado’s ClimbTalk radio show.  Other guests scheduled to appear include Jonathan Siegrist and Chuck Fryberger who will be there to talk about his latest movie, The Scene.  The show airs at 10:00 PM MST and can be heard on Radio 1190 in the Boulder area or streamed from the Radio 1190 website.

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Kehl, Smith & Takeda Talk Zanskar Odyssey

Kehl, Smith & Takeda Talk Zanskar Odyssey

Hear Jason Kehl, Abbey Smith and Pete Takeda talk about their recent bouldering expedition to Zanskar, India

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ClimbTalk Radio John Bachar Interview

ClimbTalk Radio John Bachar Interview

Legendary free soloist John Bachar discusses how he began free soloing as well as one of his more memorable accidents in an interview with ClimbTalk Radio.

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