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24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell – 2014

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“A True Midwestern Climber”

Alex Honnold, writing about his record-setting experience at the 2014 edition of 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell:

By the end of the day our skin was wrecked and our bodies hurt, but we’d done a ton of amazing climbing. I did something like 150 pitches, averaging around 5.11c, which was good enough to retake the individual point record, which now stands at 43,490.


It was impressive that people who’d been up climbing for 24 hours straight could find the energy to party so hard. I certainly couldn’t — I went to bed early, which I guess just means I don’t have what it takes to be a true Midwestern climber.

I think I can speak for the entire Midwest here when I say that we would be OK with adopting Alex into the Midwest climbing club.  I mean, the guy does have some skills even if they don’t involve partying all night after climbing for 24 hours straight.

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6 Years Of 24 Hours Of Horseshoe Hell

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2011 24 Hours Of Horseshoe Hell

Last weekend 250 crazy people climbers spent 24 straight hours clipping bolts at Arkansas’ Horseshoe Canyon Ranch for the aptly named 24 Hours Of Horseshoe Hell.  Nate Drolet and Brent Perkins won by setting a new event record, amassing 56,370 points across a combined 205 routes between 5.9 and 5.12d.  Full results can be found here and a write-up by event sponsor Petzl is here.  Big ups to Wisconsin climbers Pat and Ellen who logged a very respectable 163 routes!
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