Tournament Rd 1: Peeps Region



Chris Sharma Daniel Woods

Photo: Big Up Productions

  • Notable boulder problem FAs such as Mandala (V12), Witness the Fitness (V15),
  • Long list of groundbreaking route FAs including Necessary Evil (5.14c), Realization (5.15a) and the Es Pontas DWS arch


Photo: Big Up Productions

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  • Numerous hard FAs throughout the Frontrange of CO including Jade (V15), Aslan (V14), Echale (V14), Ode to the Modern Man (V14) and the Lockness Monster (V13)
  • Route ascents up to 5.14c

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Paul Robinson Ty Landman


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  • Quick repeats of Terremer (V15), Jade (V15) and Ode to the Modern Man (V14) along with FAs of Mandala Direct SDS (V14) and Don’t Get To Greedy (V13)
  • Reigning ABS National Champion


Photo: Alex Messenger/Bishop Bouldering Blog

  • FA of Midnight Express (V14) and 2nd ascents of Ode to the Modern Man (V14) and Jade (V15)

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Dave Graham Joe Kinder

Photo: Big Up Productions

  • Perhaps America’s most prolific hard climber
  • Notable boulder problem FAs include Story of Two Worlds (V15) and From Dirt Grows Flowers (V15) in Switzerland
  • Just as solid on a rope with ascents of Coup de Grace (5.15a, FA), Realization (5.15a) and Action Directe (5.14d)


Photo: Keith Ladzinski

  • Ascents as hard as 5.14c that include Kuru and Livin’ Astro
  • Recently starred in the movie “Spray”
  • Known for his unusual writing style…

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Ethan Pringle Kevin Jorgeson


  • Notable ascents include The Beautiful and Damned (V13), Goldfish Trombone (V14) and Realization (5.14d?)

  • First person to suggest dropping a downgrade on Realization to 5.14d

  • 2007 Climbing Magazine Golden Piton winner for Sport Climbing


Photo: Andy Mann

  • Currently blurring the line between highball bouldering and outright freesolos with boulders like The Beautiful and Dammed (V13), Footprints(V9) and The Duel (V10)

  • Also quite good on the lower stuff with repeats of problems like The Swarm (V14) and Ode to the Modern Man (V14)

  • 2007 Climbing Magazine Golden Piton winner for bouldering

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Lisa Rands Beth Rodden

Photo: Wills Young

  • Considered by many to be the strongest female boulderer in the U.S.

  • Recently did the first female ascent of The Mandala (V12)

  • Has also climbed as hard as E8 hard grit routes in the United Kingdom

bethroddenPhoto: Big Up Productions   

  • Recently completed one of the hardest traditional pitches in the world with her ascent of Meltdown in Yosemite
  • First U.S. woman to do the FA of a 5.14b sport route with her ascent of The Optimists at Smith Rocks, OR

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Alex Puccio Alex Johnson


Photo: Wade David

  • Reigning 2-time ABS National Champion
  • Two time defending Teva Mountain Games Champion
  • Outdoor boulders up to V11


Photo:  Lynn

  • Winner of 2003 PCA
  • 2007 Mammut-EMS Bouldering Champion
  • From Wisconsin!

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Dean Potter Alex Honnold


Photo: Andy Anderson/Outside Magazine

  • Numerous difficult crack climbing FAs in UT

  • Famous for attention drawing activities like speed soloing El Cap, climbing the Delicate Arch and highline BASE-jumping


Photo: MomentumVM

  • 2nd person to free solo Astroman and Rostrum in Yosemite in one day
  • Recently onsighted Bushido (5.13) and repeated Hong Kong Phooey (5.13+) both difficult crack climbs in UT

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Tommy Caldwell Sonnie Trotter


  • One of the most well-rounded climbers in the world
  • Sport climbing up to 5.15a with his FA of the still unrepeated Flex Luthor
  • Traditional climbing feats include freeing two routes on El Cap in under 24 hours – one of which was The Nose
  • Bouldering up to V13
  • Much of this was done after he cut off half his pointer finger


  • Recently has made news for his trad climbing exploits that include FFAs of Cobra Crack (5.14)and The Path (5.14)
  • Numerous hard sport routes to his credit that include Just Do It (5.14c) and Forever Expired (5.14d)

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  1. lynnatron April 3, 2008 at 3:50 pm #

    YEAH! I took that shot of Alex…love seeing it around…Body Karate in So Ill-yeah, she sent it…

  2. Climbing Narcissist April 3, 2008 at 3:52 pm #

    Cool, nice picture!  Thanks for the heads up, now I know who to give credit to!  

    Pretty sweet send too…

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