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Ramon Julian On Escalatamasters

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James Pearson Repeats Escalatamasters (5.14d)

Writing on his blog about his recent redpoint of his first 5.14d―Escalatamasters (5.14d) at Perles, Spain―James Pearson offers some insight into the fact that sometimes grades do matter:

I loose count of how many times I must have said grades are not important, insisting instead it is the beauty of the climb and the moves that I search for. Yet for the last few years, hiding just a little way beneath everything else, was an urge to succeed only for a number. It might have been small, barely noticeable at times, but there it sat none the less, an ever present hope for something I thought perhaps I would never achieve.

But it’s a nice number, don’t you think? 9a [5.14d]. I hope you can forgive my shallowness?

Check out the full post for a nice recap of Pearson’s effort on the line as well as a handful of nice pictures of the route.

Update:  Thanks to the commenter who unearthed this footage of Dave Graham on the route

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