New V15 In Red Rock From Nalle Hukkataival

Nalle Hukkataival was back in the U.S. recently with his eye on doing some hard boulders down in Red Rock.  Then this happened…

Disaster response team. #weareisland

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A baker’s dozen or so of staples to close the wound and he was back in the game repeating The Nest (V15)…

Luckily he repeated The Nest (V15) before that happened…

And then it was onto an immaculate project discovered by Andy Raether which yielded to Hukkataival’s efforts to create a potential V15 called Kintsugi

Yesterday was one of those special days! First ascent of Kintsugi (V15)! This project discovered by @menagerieclimb is maybe the most impressive line I’ve seen in Red Rocks! Early on in the trip we went to check out this project and immediately it took the number one spot on my list. But first on the agenda was sending The Nest (V15), which went down after days of effort and rest. After that it was finally time to get on this incredible project! Then the unexpected happened and I ended up with 15 staples in my leg. I couldn’t even walk and I thought I was out for a long time. However, my leg healed incredibly fast to a point where I could carefully hike up the hill and go work the moves on a rope. Soon enough I was trying it ground up with the staples still in. Yesterday I actually topped it out! Kintsugi is one of those climbs that you only get a handful of in your lifetime. It’s tall and proud, great rock and the way it climbs is just perfect! Every try is ground up. Once you stick the jump start, it’s on – all the way to the top!

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3 Responses to New V15 In Red Rock From Nalle Hukkataival

  1. Owen February 4, 2015 at 12:07 pm #

    If you told me ten years ago that kids would be repeating and establishing V15s despite massive staples in their legs, I would more likely have believed that we would be traveling around on hoverboards by now

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  2. Kray Sean February 4, 2015 at 1:53 pm #

    He actually did the nest BEFORE getting staples in his leg.

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    • Narc February 4, 2015 at 1:56 pm #

      Yeah, but still! Thanks for the correction!

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