Hey, What’s That Thing On Your Back?

Well-timed post over on The Stone Mind about the inevitable questions we get any time we go bouldering around normal people:

I’ve bouldered for 20 years now and have been asked this question hundreds of times, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised when yet another stranger stops to gape at my admittedly Spongebob-like form… but I am. Every time I try to answer, I feel myself getting frustrated.
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Invariably, the curious person’s face grows more, not less, confused as I offer my explanation 

This is a common occurrence for me as well since I’ve been spending the majority of my outdoor climbing time in Rocky Mountain National Park these days1.  Oftentimes it’s the normal people who come up with these false answers only to have a sort of “huh” moment when we explain what it is that me and my group of oftentimes shirtless, skinny dudes are actually doing up there.
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 Anectodally, though, I would say that the number of people who actually correctly identify the inteded use of a crash pad is noticeably higher this year than in years past.
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One Response to Hey, What’s That Thing On Your Back?

  1. PBC September 25, 2014 at 4:52 am #

    Bunch of scantily clad dudes, screaming and grunting, many times with a camera around – it’s a EZ go matress because we are obviously shooting porn.

    The best I remember was a hiker stopped my buddy Mike who was hiking in to ask that question. “I’m a climber, its so if I fall I don’t hurt myself”

    “But what if you fall on your front?” was the next question.

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