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Nice piece by the inimitable BearCam for Rock & Ice about the incredible concentration of hard bouldering along Bear Lake Road in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Bear Lake Road is Rocky Mountain National Park’s busiest byway, and must be driven with the utmost care, because tourists can and do stop anywhere. Oh, is that an elk? What most of these travelers don’t know is that if you drive this road starting from the Stanley Hotel—made famous in the classic horror flick “The Shining”—and continue through the north side of the park via Sheep Lake and down through a bit of Trail Ridge, you will have passed through the highest density of difficult boulder problems in North America—all within minutes of the car. Some problems are so close to the road that tourists might slow down and take a photo of you.

Hard to believe it’s been almost 4 years now since Daniel Woods did the FA of Hypnotized Minds, and it has yet to see a repeat despite sustained effort from some of the world’s best boulderers.

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