Video Friday – 5/2/2014

Video Friday in just a second, but first a few notes about the site that you may or may not care about.
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First, I’ve gone back to the old commenting system after 6 month experiment.  This is partly due to the new system not integrating that well with the site1, but mainly it had to do with some technical issues I did not want to spend time trying to sort out for something that was not really worth it.

Second, last weekend I moved the site to a new hosting setup.  The previous host I was using worked great, but it was costing me a small fortune each month to run this site which was becoming increasingly unsustainable.
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 The site is now hosted with Digital Ocean, and it seems like thus far things are going smoothly.  I’d very much appreciate a heads up though if you are noticing any issues.  Either contact me using the contact form or ping me on Twitter.

All the latest videos can be found here, but here are the top rated videos of the past week:

  1.  Which I knew was an issue going into it

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  1. cn_rad May 2, 2014 at 7:58 pm #

    Good call in regards to the commenting method!

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