2014 Red Rock Rendezvous Trip Report – Part 2

If you missed part 1 of my trip to the 2014 Red Rock Rendezvous you can find that here.

Saturday was when the 2014 Red Rock Rendezvous really kicked off for me, as my first clinic started bright and early at 8 am.  My clinic, which was on climbing photography, was led by John Evans and Chuck Odette from Petzl.
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 We spent time talking about what makes a good photo, strategies John has used over the years to capture some incredible images, and we learned how to jug a rope to get in position1.  We had willing models in Chuck, Heather Weidner and Bryan2, so we spent the last couple hours of the clinic snapping away.  Turns out capturing climbing images from a rope is kind of hard, but I was happy with a few of the shots I managed to get.
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After the photo clinic I bided my time until things seemed to be cooling off and headed to the Kraft boulders to try a few problems.  Unfortunately, I didn’t wait nearly long enough, and the heat was a constant battle throughout the afternoon.  In the end I managed to do two of the three problems I wanted to try3, however the day took a turn for the worse during my fruitless attempts on Vino Rojo.  The combination of rock that had been in the sun all day, an already worn down shoe and a sharp foothold killed my beloved Team shoes:

Knew these shoes were getting worn out, but I wasn't ready to say goodbye just yet #ultimatedevastation #therightshoestillworks

This pretty much ended the climbing portion of my day, so I headed over to the festival grounds for a night of your standard climbing festival festivities:  free food, free beer, fun people and, of course, a dyno comp.  I really dodged a bullet by not entering the dyno comp4, however it turned out to be an excellent show with the top two women battling it out to the bitter end until one of them finally stuck a big huck5.

Sunday was another early day with an advanced sport climbing clinic on my schedule at 8 am.  For whatever reason only three of us showed up for the clinic, and after the other two people had to leave early it was just me and instructor Kevin Wilkinson which made for a fun morning at the crag.  I always feel like I learn a lot when I get the chance to talk to great climbers, and spending a few hours with Kevin was no exception.
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Cannibal Crag, home to both of my clinics

Final moments of the @mountaingear #redrockrendezvous. Fun clinic at Cannibal Crag thanks to most of the participants not showing up!

Time to head back to the Bubble

Obligatory #redrockrendezvous parting shot #ontothenext

Not surprisingly, a weekend spent at the Red Rock Rendezvous was a complete blast.  The structure and format of the clinics makes it a great event for people who are perhaps newer to climbing, but even as someone who has been doing this a long time, I got a lot out of both of my clinics.  If I were to do it again I might substitute the sport climbing clinic with something a bit more unfamiliar to me like off-width climbing or crack climbing just to mix things up, but I was pretty satisfied with the ones I did take.

Overall, a great time and I can’t wait to get back out to Red Rocks!

  1.  This gave me a lot of flashbacks to my route setting days
  2. Whose last name I didn’t catch
  3.  Bubble Butt and Angel Dyno.  No dice on Vino Rojo.
  4.  100% chance I get injured if I enter
  5. Not pictured

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