2014 Red Rock Rendezvous Trip Report – Part 1

I have somewhat of a weird history when it comes to Las Vegas.  I’ve been there close to 10 times over the years, but I’ve only climbed there some 2 or 3 days.  For a variety of reasons, the majority of my trips out there have been of the summer/gambling trip variety hence not much climbing has taken place.
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 This, and the fact that I have heard for years how much fun it is, was why I was really looking forward to making the trip out to Vegas for the 2014 Red Rock Rendezvous.

My journey started Thursday after work when I met up with Andrew, who is working with my arch rivals over at Climbing, to make the trip to the Denver airport so we could head to Vegas.


After getting checked into the Red Rock Hotel, which is really nice by the way, I was feeling pretty tired so I went straight to bed to the poker room to play low limit poker with some drunk old dudes for way too long.  A few hours later my poor decision making was rewarded by my leaving the game up $1, facing a wake up call in only a few hours.

Early checkin with the Rendezvous on Friday morning

#redrockrendezvous calm before the storm

With the Rendezvous getting under way later on Friday, I made plans to meet up with Max Moore and Liberty Herring to get a tour of the Kraft Boulders which I had climbed at briefly way back in the day.  Our crew grew in size when we ran into Chris Schulte and Jackie Hueftle, and we all had a great day of making up new hashtags to bombard people with on Instagram.  I even managed to send one hard-for-me boulder before finishing the day struggling to climb V4s in the heat.  Many thanks to Max and Liberty for taking the time to show me around!

View of the strip from above the Monkey Bars boulder

The strip, from the boulders

Me coming off the Meadowlark Lemon boulder after climbing something on it1

@climbingnarc becomes one with the canyon. Fun day out with @thegirlinlongshorts @chris_schulte and @libertyherring #spray #bouldering #staystoic #visionquest

It was really cool to run into Ethan Pringle as well and watch him, Chris and Max session on the problem of the winter, Meadowlark Lemon (V14).  Ethan came really close while we were there, and he came even closer after we left!

With the climbing portion of the day completed, it was time to head over to the Rendezvous for the first night’s festivities which included a live recording of an episode of The Enormocast, talking shop with tons of different people and drinking plenty of New Beligum beer2.  Fun times, but a bit of a muted party atmosphere if I do say so.  I suspect Saturday will have a bit more in store.

Beer in hand at the Red Rock Rendezvous


With two more days of the festival to go, which includes two clinics and that probable big party on Saturday night, I headed back to Red Rock to get some sleep play some more poker until way to late in the evening.  Dammit.  It only took two nights, but now I remember how pointless low limit poker is.
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Check back later for part two which will include a recap of the rest of the festival, including my time in clinics on climbing photography and hard sport climbing.

  1. Hint, not Meadowlark Lemon
  2.  The new Snapshot is declicious

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