Climbing Past My Pregnancy Stigma

Excellent first post in a series by Beth Rodden who is expecting her first child soon:

When I first found out I was pregnant, I did a ton of research to see what other climbers experienced, and didn’t find a lot out there. I want to help change this in the climbing community, to help make it an open discussion.
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If you research running while pregnant, the resources are endless from novice runners to professionals; but climbing while pregnant is a topic I couldn’t find much information about. I also want to share some of my personal inner worry and questioning as I think it’s something a lot of women go through, regardless of if they are climbers or not.
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It feels hard to open up about such a personal topic, but I know it would have helped me immensely if I had found a blog like this.
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Check out the rest of the series, including an interview with Lynn Hill, on Rodden’s blog.

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