Climbing Edition Of The Stars Are Just Like Us

Jakob Schubert, in a photo posted to Facebook during his current visit to Hueco Tanks:

In the end it wasn’t worth it though, at the second to last move I heard a loud noise and hoped a hold broke, but instead it was my finger.. seems like this climbing trip is over for me.. don’t have a diagnose yet but doesn’t feel good..

See, just like those trashy montages in Us Weekly, we have evidence that famous climbers are just like you and I and aren’t immune from injury.

Wait.  What’s that?  Oh. Schubert’s injury happened while he was en route to being the 3rd person to flash Nagual, the legendary Fred Nicole V13 on East Spur that has previously been flashed by Paul Robinson and Sean McColl.  

Hmm.  Well, if I ever tried that problem my fingers would probably explode too, except for me it would just be attempting to pull off the ground.  So yeah, maybe climbing stars aren’t quite like us…

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