No Getting Out

Once you enter this family, there’s no getting out.

That was Tony Soprano’s line in an episode of The Sopranos to his protégé Christopher as Christopher was being made.  While I don’t recall anything quite this specific being said to me, this line mirrors my feelings of late about the most important family I’ve had other than my actual family: my home climbing gym, Adventure Rock.

It’s been over six months now since I left the familiar confines of Adventure Rock for the mutant-filled waters of the Boulder bubble, and while the community here has been very welcoming1 it’s obvious that there can never be a substitute for the family I feel a part of back home.  In many ways I suspect that this a familiar feeling for many people about their home gyms, or at least I hope it is because it’s a pretty cool feeling.

I was reminded of all this over the weekend when I made the trip home to Wisconsin to compete in the annual climbing competition held at Adventure Rock, Quick on the Draw2.  I was fortunate to do pretty well in the comp3, but what stuck with me more than that was the incredible interactions I had with people all day.

The entire event was spent catching up with people I’ve known from the beginning of my time at the gym all the way through people I met just that day.  Each was a powerful reminder to me of the main reason I’ve devoted so much of my life’s energy to pursuing climbing and this website:  the 2nd family that climbing has given me is one I can’t imagine my life without.
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Let’s just hope the end of my time with this family goes better than it did for our friend Christopher Moltisanti and his family…

  1.  Mainly, I presume, because I’m such a big deal on this here internet
  2.  Adding to the stress of competing was the fact that I was also there to oversee a website I built to handle registration and scoring for the event.
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     Fortunately that worked out pretty well.
  3.  As long as I don’t think about the fact that I blew up one of my fingers in the process

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