Listening For The Echo

Really nice profile by Chris Schulte for Rock & Ice of the legendary Klem Loskot:

These shouts have been in our heads since the year 2000, when Loskot’s marshaling call hit the States with BigUp Production’s Dosage 1. You still can’t go to any bouldering area without hearing a Klem impersonation. The yell is a power-boosting Kiaa! that frees up the chi and fires us like burning arrows. Or maybe when it booms across the gym as you hesitate on the big swingin’ huck, you laugh yourself into a heap, crumpled at the base of the wall. The yell centers and disperses, tricking you into focusing and also reminding you to lighten up.

Much to Mrs. Narc’s chagrin, I’m definitely that guy1.

  1.  The one who yells encouragement at people like I’m Klem Loskot, not the one who climbs hard boulders

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