Sender Films’ Reel Rock 8: Peaks Behind The Screens

Great in depth piece in Boulder Weekly about Sender Films, Big Up Productions and the Reel Rock Film Tour which kicks off its 8th edition on September 19th.  Tons of great nuggets about both companies, how the tour got started and how it has evolved.  I especially liked this anecdote about working with Alex Honnold:

Mortimer, a day after meeting with television networks in Los Angeles, says, “In L.A., people are like, what’s your contract with Alex [Honnold]? … And I’m like, ‘Dude, he’s my buddy, he’s sleeping on my couch right now.’ And they’re like, ‘Geez, he’s gonna fuck you, you gotta get a contract.
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’ … And we’re like, ‘No, we kinda come from this world and we’ve shared a rope together and we trust each other,’ and so I think we’re so uniquely positioned with these relationships with these athletes — and then our ability to tell these stories and work with the best filmers — to do this.”

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