Crux Crush Interviews Colette McInerney

Crux Crush, one of the better new climbing sites to crop up of late, has a nice interview with Colette McInerney who recently climbed her first 5.14a in Oliana with a repeat of China Crisis:

In general, and definitely in the climbing world as well, there seems to be a lot of need for people to put things in boxes and control what they mean or what they are. Climbing is definitely a sport that doesn’t need those confines.
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You make climbing what you want, sexy, dirty, in a gym, on a mountain, and take from it what you want. All the other stuff really doesn’t matter.

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One Response to Crux Crush Interviews Colette McInerney

  1. kpop May 2, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    Very cool to see a perspective on climbing from Colette. Refreshing change and a good reminder that we can make this whatever we want it to be.

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