Fire In Rocklands

Via 8a comes the disturbing news that a fire has raged through the area in South Africa which includes Rocklands:

Over the course of the next eight days the fire spread slowly and eventually made its way past Heuningvlei, into the Rocklands area.  The fire swept through the climbing zone, where it is still burning in places, devastating vegetation throughout the reserve.
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  A strong south-westerly wind, however, pushed this inferno back into the Agter Pakhuis valley

The fire is apparently mostly out now, but already one fatality has been confirmed in addition to unknown amounts of damage to structures, wildlife and of course the boulders people come from all over the world to climb on.

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One Response to Fire In Rocklands

  1. grubber February 4, 2013 at 7:56 am #

    (news originally came from, via me)

    relevant input: bouldering season is apparently not in any danger. of course, the amount of damage to property, lives and not in the least the fragile ecosystem is enormous and shouldn’t be disregarded.
    maybe the best thing to do is to go there, stimulate the economy of the region and behave like responsible users of the area and its’ beautiful boulders..

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