Planet Granite Raises Over $20,000 For Castle Rock

It’s unfortunate that this type of action is needed, but it’s heartening to see gyms like Planet Granite step in with both their time and their money.

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2 Responses to Planet Granite Raises Over $20,000 For Castle Rock

  1. Aaron S March 23, 2012 at 2:20 pm #


    Out of all the bullshit that comes along with governments (esp state) in the US, one of the issues I have the biggest frustration directed towards is that state parks are one of the 1st programs to have funding axed when budget cuts are made. So effing short sighted.

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  2. JM March 23, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    It seems like the the existence of companies and organizations that have this level of funding and organization is a positive byproduct of the expansion and commercialization of the sport of climbing. For all the downsides of the expansion of the number of people in the sport, this is the big upside: more money, and more influence, to (literately or figuratively) buy access rights. Although more climbers can certainly cause access problems, the more $$$ that they bring in can help to solve problems as well. It is hard to say, moving forward, whether access will get better or worse; it will depend on which of these competing forces becomes dominant.

    Otherwise, good work PG. Setting an example for how a gym can step into a positive leadership role in a local climbing community. To my memory, the Bay Area does not have its own local access group, and it looks like PG has stepped in the fill that role. With more climbers these days defining their local “crag” and their local community as a gym, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this sort of role becoming more common for gyms.

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