Video Friday – 1/27/2012

Video Friday – 1/27/2012

This week’s edition of Video Friday serves as a helpful reminder that when it comes to things “going viral” on the internet there is climbing viral and there is rest of the world viral.

Look no further than the Yosemite Timelapse video1 which fortunately is tangentially related to the world of climbing in that was filmed in Yosemite and climbers do make a brief appearance thus allowing me to post it here.  In under a week the video has amassed an amazing 1,100,000 views and counting.
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 I know I’ve accounted for at least a handful of those views, and I’ll probably account for several more.
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 Be sure to check it out if you haven’t done so already.

That video joins a steady supply of other high quality videos in this week’s edition of Video Friday…

Video Friday

  1.  Short interview with filmmaker Colin Delahanty here

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