Tommy Caldwell Explains His New Approach To Sharing Dawn Wall Updates

Tommy Caldwell has freed the first 11 pitches of his Dawn Wall project and is now working on pitch 12.  Of course, you already knew this if you’ve been following the updates and pictures on his Facebook page.  For someone who has normally been rather reserved when it comes to the online climbing world, this new level of sharing by Caldwell has caught many by surprise.  In this post on The Cleanest Line he explains to friend Kelly Cordes some of the thoughts behind this change:

Although it felt a bit unnatural at first, I decided to embrace the circus on this project. There are many reasons for this.
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First of all, it becomes a circus whether I like it or not. The Ask a Climber Program here in Yosemite has put the climbers on El Cap on display.
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There are daily blog updates complete with photos of what is going on. If you can’t fight ‘em, might as well join ‘em.
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