More On Adam Ondra’s Trip To Rocklands

Adam Ondra has wrapped up his trip to Rocklands, South Africa, and in addition to the earlier repeats he added flashes of Leopard Cave (V12) and the likely 3rd ascent of Fred Nicole’s Golden Shadow (V14) to his 8a scorecard.  It wasn’t all easy for Ondra though as this entry on his scorecard for the popular V11ish problem Gliding Through Waves Like Dolphins can attest:

last day in the dark with no power, 25 goes

That sign of mortality notwithstanding, Ondra did have a pretty productive trip with repeats of three V14’s or harder and flashes of seven V11’s or harder including the classic problem Nutsa (V11).  You can read more about the first half of his trip, including a picture of him trying the unrepeated Livin’ Large (V15?), here.

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  1. Dexter September 5, 2011 at 6:39 am #

    Did he try Sky?!?

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