Final El Cap Report

Final El Cap Report

A bit of unfortunate news for the armchair big wall climber today as Tom Evans is retiring his El Cap Reports after today’s report.  Since 2007 Evans’ reports have been a great  way for us “cubicle pukes” to live vicariously through the trials and tribulations that go along with climbing on The Captain.  Unfortunately, compiling them on a daily basis has simply become too much work for the almost 67 year-old Evans:

I started the Report, several years ago, to bring ElCap back into the world climbing spot light, after it had languished in the backwaters of climbing for many years.  I got some help with posting pictures and soon the site took off, not only as a photo site but a site that told the stories of many climbers, well known and unknown.


I was surprised at the huge number of readers who visited the site and the positive response to what I posted.  It was not a simple matter of taking a few shots and writing something up in a few minutes.  It became an all consuming task, requiring 4 or 5 hours a day on a computer with the notoriously shitty internet connections here in the Valley.  It was a physically demanding schedule that allowed no time for anything else.  So now the time has come, as I approach my 67th birthday in a couple of days, to let it go and get out and do the other things I love to do in Yosemite.
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I’d like to wish Tom the best in his future endeavors and sincerely thank him for the work he put in on the site.
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 I know I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every report, and they will surely be missed.

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  1. Colin June 17, 2011 at 1:48 am #

    A climbing partner turned me on to this site last year.  Sad to see it go. 

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