Kryptonite (5.14d) Repeated By Jonathan Siegrist

Kryptonite (5.14d) Repeated By Jonathan Siegrist

Jonathan Siegrist, who made news in recent years for his quick repeats of various 5.14 sport routes, laid out in a post on his excellent blog how he has, in fact, had some long-term projects over the years.  His progression through the 5.14a-c grades led him to project and send three Tommy Caldwell routes in Colorado’s Frontrange:  Sarchasm on Long’s Peak, Grand Old Opry at the Monastery and Vogue at Eldorado Mountain’s Industrial Wall.  For his first foray into the 5.14d grade range Siegrist then set a goal of repeating another Tommy Caldwell route:  Kryptonite (5.14d) at the Fortress of Solitude near Rifle, CO.

I guess the definition of long term project varies by the person as less than two weeks from Siegrist’s initial attempts on the route he found success:

It went just like I wanted it to- perfectly. Every movement, rest sequence, foot placement and clip was executed in the very same way that I had been dreaming about.
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It was as though I had just rehearsed the route in my head, move for move, but this time the emotion of victory was real. This achievement represents an important breakthrough for me and I hope that it’s just a stepping stone to whatever may come next..
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A whisper of a goal from years ago, became realistic, and then was accomplished. I could not be more stoked!!

Siegrist then finishes his post with an excellent reminder:

I hope that I can share my excitement about this breakthrough with my community, and most importantly- inspire YOU! to crush whatever may lay in your path!!!!!

Jonathan Siegrist Sends Kryptonite

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