A Couple Of New Blogs To Check Out:  Jamie Chong & Sean McColl

A Couple Of New Blogs To Check Out: Jamie Chong & Sean McColl

Here are a couple of new blogs that piqued my interest that you might want to check out.
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The first is not actually that new, but I just came across it through Sonnie Trotter’s site.  It is the personal blog (RSS Feed) of Canadian Jamie Chong.  Chong is currently in Hueco with his brand new Nikon D40 so high quality pictures abound.  I also found his Beta page to be a very interesting and well done implementation of move by move picture beta for several problems in Squamish.  Hopefully he will be able to expand this for other areas he has visited.
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The second blog just got started, but it has the potential to be interesting for those that like to follow what is going on with top-end climber types.
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 It is Sean McColl’s new blog (RSS Feed).  McColl is famous for (among other things) flashing a 5.14b at the Red River Gorge and winning the Youth World Championships several years in a row.

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