Rachel & Eddie El Cap Nose Report

Rachel & Eddie El Cap Nose Report

Not to turn this site into a Rachel and Eddie love-fest, but if you wanted to see some of their progress on The Nose of El Capitan be sure to check out the daily El Cap reports at the Super Topo Forum.  Here is the report from their progress on 7/1:

I heard from a guy at the bridge yesterday that two of his buddies from Wisconsin were on the route. I didn’t see them so I sort of let it pass thinking they probably were bailers as it was their very first wall of any kind. Well surprise, surprise!! They were seen this morning climbing off Dolt Tower and heading for ECT. The woman, Rachael Melville, and her partner, Eddie Avallone seemed to have everything under control. She was doing some nice free climbing above Dolt and they did do a sort of “space haul” for the freight.
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In reality they both got on the other end of the haul line and pushed down with all they had, bare feet and all. They quickly climbed to ECT but took an extended lunch there and were still lounging when I departed.
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Hopefully they will be aware of the happenings tomorrow morning and will stay out of the way.

Today is the final attempt by Hans Florine and Yuji Hirayama to reclaim their speed record on The Nose so Eddie and Rachel should have a front row seat.

Rachel and Eddie getting their haul on – notice the lucky Miguel’s sending shirt


Photo:  Tom Evans/Super Topo

Update: As Luke has alerted us in the comments, Hans and Yuji broke the speed record for The Nose by about 2 minutes this morning.  3000 feet in under 3 hours isn’t a bad way to start the morning.  Now maybe someone other than Tommy Calwdwell can get around to doing some hard free climbing on the Big Stone…

Update 2: Blow by blow recount of speed record

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2 Responses to Rachel & Eddie El Cap Nose Report

  1. Luke July 2, 2008 at 12:03 pm #

    From Chris Mac at Supertopo:

    “Just texted Hans: did you break the record?

    His reply: By how much, you mean. 2:43:33

    Congratulations! They did it!

    (Old record according to speedclimb.com is 2:45:45)”

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  2. Narc July 2, 2008 at 12:05 pm #

    Very sick, thanks for the update Luke.

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