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Like any good addiction, putting together a trad rack is one that always leaves you looking for that next piece of gear to buy. Ever since I started building my rack I’ve been thinking about what smaller cams to add in order to give me more versatility. Of course the CCH Aliens are popular, and I really liked the Black Diamond C3 cams the one time I used them. However, I had it on good authority that I should wait to buy anything until early 2008 when Metolius would be coming out with their latest cam set, the Master Cams.

While the cams have yet to hit the market, Metolius was at the recent Outdoor Retailer Trade Show to show them off. There is a brief write-up at about their visit to the Metolius booth, and of particular interest to me was their thoughts on the new Master Cams (scroll down a bit to get to the Metolius section).

Metolius Power Cams

Metolius Power Cams – Photos from

Unfortunately for me, the cams will only be available at first in the larger sizes with the smaller sizes coming out by late Spring. Here is the rest of the lowdown:

They will feature the same size line-up as Metolius other cams up to #6 (thin hands for those not familiar). The explanation for the ‘spring’ just below the head (only present on the smallest 4 units is that they needed to bring the top of the trigger assembly away from the head of the cam, otherwise it could interfere with the placement of the unit. It also allows the unit to bend nicely without it being too sloppy feeling. Metolius also mentioned that the reason they used cables in the trigger assembly rather than the CCH metal sheath was that if the sheath was flexible enough to bend nicely, it wasn’t tough enough for them- twist the sheath a bit and it fell apart. If they used a thicker sheath, it wouldn’t bend the way they wanted it to, and so the cables came about. The nice touch on them is they are oriented in a way that they do not affect the cam in a vertical placement- and once the trigger assembly is retracted, it would only affect a very deep horizontal placement. Metolius also took their lobes and shaved some thickness off in the smaller units (yellow and below) in order to achieve a narrower head width, which resulted in a more versatile cam. Doug tells me that they are comparable in head width to the C3, but since I don’t have any with me at the show, you’ll have to wait until I get the review up!
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As for price, the Master Cam clocks in a .
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95 for sizes 00-2 and $59.95 for sizes 3-6.

The heads of the Yellow #2 next to the Orange #3- Photos from

Thanks to the Splitter Choss Blog for the heads-up.

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  1. garry February 22, 2009 at 1:12 am #

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Am Garry and would like to make an Order of metolius master cam from your store and would like to know the types and sizes you have in stock as well as the prices and the types of credit cards that you accept.Thank you and waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Best Regards

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  2. sweatpants February 22, 2009 at 10:18 am #

    This guy sounds about as legit as this store… I keep sending checks but never receive anything. I also have been told to make them out to Mrs. Narc which struck me as odd…

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  3. Narc February 23, 2009 at 9:49 am #

    Garry’s comment might be the most confusing one I’ve ever received.

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  4. sweatpants February 23, 2009 at 12:10 pm #

    haha it struck me as one that was going to be followed with an option for him to start sending you checks on a normal basis and all you would have to do is deposit them at the bank and would make a nice sum of money for yourself. All he’ll need to know is your address, social security number, and bank acout information…. Sounds foolproof to me.

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