Dog Days of Summer

It’s been a slower than normal week as far as things to spray about are concerned. 

A few tidbits here and there that I could expound upon later this week like Dave Graham’s most recent .14d FA getting quickly repeated by a 16 year old or DG’s attempts on Realization (prediction is that he will send by the end of the month). 

There is also the continual stream of double digit boulder problems being sent in RMNP.  It seems like it must be getting more crowded there every year.  Anyone out there care to chime in with how these crowds are affecting the overall access situation?  I remember seeing less than 10 different people climbing in the Park the 2 weeks I spent out there back in ’01.

On the home front, I have started climbing again.  It is weird how when you haven’t been able to climb for a long period of time you start to forget just how much fun it is to climb.  Can’t wait for it to come back in full.

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