Climber Michael Reardon Missing

This is sort of messed up.  I was thinking yesterday about writing up a post on how I figured one day I would be reading about how this guy died, but I didn’t expect it this soon and I didn’t expect it like it has apparently gone down. 

For those that don’t know who Michael Reardon is, he is a famous free solo climber who recently started a blog on (just updated a couple of days ago).  Every time I read about how he had free soloed hundreds of routes I couldn’t help but think that all it was going to take was one misstep for it to be all over.

Sadly there is now word out of Ireland that Reardon is missing:

Irish authorities were searching on Saturday for a rock climber who was believed to have fallen into the ocean.

He was named by a friend as Michael Reardon, a world-renowned free climber.

“He was one of the most intriguing figures in the world of extreme rock climbing,” Con Moriarty told Sky News.

Moriarty said Reardon had just finished a climb on Friday and was standing on a ledge when he was knocked into the sea by a “rogue wave” and was carried out beyond the surf line.

“He vanished from a standing position as opposed to a climbing one,” Moriarty said.

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