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If you are bored of reading the blog of someone that never climbs (mine) you could try checking out Dave Graham’s latest blog.  Or, if you don’t want to try to decipher his rambling style I will summarize below:

He takes a moment to describe his recent first ascent of Los Barrachos del Mascun (5.14d)

I have been climbing in the route with the master himself, Daniel Andrada who bolted the thing in 2005. It’s a roof, a huge one, and it’s quite cool to say the least. Starting with some cool, long moves on a skirt type piece of the cave, it leads out the white expanse, rock climbed only with more big moves. It’s very bouldery and power resistant, and one must breathe, and shake out the arms to clip the chains…Dani and I rotated in 360 spins over and over, going crazy; speaking in poor Spanish, trying to find the right beta for what seemed an eternity…On my 15th try, with much pessimism (I was not thinking I was about to send, yet I had an inkling) I did the route 1st try that day. Last words? It’s cabron!

He also discussed the arrival of one Chris Sharma

Chris Sharma came recently, and we have been thrashing about in the cuevit, and trying many a pretty route onsight! Chris demonstrates how to be a muerte when you onsight, and I demonstrate how you fight and hang on.

On the infamous Ali-hulk link-up link-up

The V14 low start to the Ali-Hulk is something not to fuck with, very hard. It makes that 5.15c at the least, and one might say, damn!

And those pesky projects

All the God damn projects! 


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