Summer 2001 Road Trip

It seems like a different lifetime, but back in the summer of 2001 I went on a one month road trip after I graduated from High School. The destinations were Colorado for some alpine bouldering and Wyoming for some limestone sport climbing. As time permits over the next week or two I will be posting some pictures from the trip. Three items of note before I post the pictures:

  1. The pictures for the most part are not that great as far as quality because I had some POS point & shoot camera and I didn’t know what I was doing. I am posting them more for information than to be lauded for my photog skillz.
  2. I managed to somehow not take any pictures of anyone sending anything in Colorado. My excuse will be that I was busy spotting but anyone that knows me knows that is probably not true…
  3. I am not in any of the pictures. I am sometimes mistaken for Mike Nash who is in many of the pictures but that isn’t really possible because he climbs hard and I don’t…

Here is one picture for now. Bonus points if anyone can identify this RMNP testpiece:

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