Super Sherpa Expedition

Along with my passion for rock climbing news I also have a fading obsession with armchair mountaineering. With May rapidly approaching that can mean only one thing: it is Everest Season.

Sadly, I haven’t been doing much reading on the subject in the past few years. I have already read most of the books (several times over) by the classic mountaineers like Messner and Kukuczka and with a few exceptions mountaineering doesn’t hold my attention like it used to. However I stumbled across a very cool expedition that will be comprised entirely of Sherpas:

The expedition’s “mission” is to demonstrate the exceptional value of the Sherpa people, publicise the beauty of Nepal, and shed light on the Sherpa culture and its immense contribution to high altitude mountaineering. Furthermore the project aims to film a documentary of the ascent and all funds will be made available to the Sherpa children who live in the Himalayan foothills.

Sherpas that are climbing with the expedition include the all time summit leader (Apa Sherpa with 16 summits) and the speed record holder (Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa with 14 summits and an insane record time of 10 hours 56 minutes 46 seconds).

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