Disturbing Trend of Failure

A trend became painfully apparent during my last trip to the RRG: I don’t usually get very much accomplished when I climb there. For the number of days I have climbed there (roughly 50) I don’t really have much to show for it (less than 10 5.
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12’s in total). I’m not talking about needing to do routes for the scorecard; I’m just talking about having an answer for when people ask, “So, how was your trip to the Red?
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Sadly, my answer is usually some variation of the phrase “I one fell X route…”

Here is a list of harder routes at the Red that I have tried without sending:

Mosaic (.12c) – 1 fall
Galunlati (.12b/c) – 1 fall
Triple Sec (.13a) – no comment
Jesus Wept (.12d) – 1 fall
Gung Ho (.12b) – 1 fall
Infectious (.12b) – 1 fall
Tuskan Raider (.12d) – 1 fall
The Force (.13a-)
Heart Shaped Box (.12c) – 1 fall
Tic Tac Toe (.12b) – roughly 1 fall
Chainsaw Massacre (.12a) – 1 fall
Paranoia (.13b) – needs much work

Somewhat disturbing pattern of not being able to finish…I’ll put the over/under at 3.5 on number of these I actually send this year.
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