Treatment Update

Couple of interesting developments on the perpetually injured front. First off, I’ve had 2 more treatments on my elbow/shoulder. I had one session of straight therapy last week and this week I started working on building the strength back up.
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It feels good to finally be able to feel that little bit of fatigue in my arms without my elbow hurting…too much. On to the much more interesting development….

Second, I saw a specialist over the somewhat persistent pain I have been experiencing from typing at work.
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He made an observation that has really opened my eyes to a lot of my finger pain problems. I always knew I was double jointed but I never really thought anything of it besides knowing that I could bend my thumb as pictured below. Apparently this double jointedness is causing me to place extra stress on my fingers while typing and obviously while climbing. This is leading to tendinitis in my fingers from the typing. The real money shot was when he also confirmed that this double jointed issue is probably why my finger tendons seem to get tweaked out so easily.
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So while on the one hand it is cool to continuously expand my understanding of my body, it is also frustrating to learn things that have and will continue to hinder my ability to make the kind of progress I strive to make in climbing.

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