The Mandala

In an apparent effort to turn the classic Buttermilks problem The Mandala into a western version of the Dark Waters boulder in Clear Creek, CO, two new variations/lines were recently established up the famous prow.

On 3/22 Jeff Sillcox did the first ascent of what he called Mandala Direct and gave it the same grade of V12 as the standard finish. Ok, I guess that could make sense as the normal finish tends to finish more left of the top of the prow.

Then comes news that on 3/27 Paul Robinson did the first ascent of Mandala Direct Assis which he gave the grade of hard V14. My guess is that this might be the sit start of the Mandala into the “direct” finish but that is just a guess.

Of course Paul also sent Spectre V13 on 3/28 which happened to be his 6th straight day of climbing. Anyone want to bet that he sends Goldfish Trombone V14 before the end of his trip?

Either way Paul has now done over 100 problems V11 and harder in the past 12 months which of course is getting very excited…

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