Narcissism at its best…

I really fucked up my arm. At least that was my medical opinion. Jacked, messed up, tweaked all wrapped in one. My elbow has hurt before from excessive campusing and general overuse. So when I got back from Bishop in November and couldn’t seem to mix in a rest day the pain in my elbow started to really concern me.
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I figured that if I just laid low for a while it would get better. Fast forward two months and my idea of lying low is helping to forerun hard boulders and routes for a climbing competition. Tweaked another finger tendon in there and although my arm seemed to be getting better I was still not quite right. A few weeks ago put me over the edge when I got carried away showing off like a dumbshit at the gym. Narcissism at its best I guess… Now for the 3 weeks since that event my entire arm hurts from my elbow up to my shoulder due to all the compensation my upper arm does for how fucked up my elbow is.

Well, I finally sought help from an actual professional starting today. As I suspected I have elbow tendinitis…bad. I know that there are a lot of other people out there that have this same sort of problem so my hope is to try and share what I am able to learn during this healing process.
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Basically the physical therapist told me that if I get my elbow right the rest of my arm should stop hurting like it has been.
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I had my first treatment of ultrasound therapy and it seemed to feel alright afterward but I will have to see what the deal is after a few weeks. Other than that basically all the stretching and icing that I already had been doing. I will probably write more once I have a sense of how the treatment is actually going.

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