Climbing Addiction

I was going to take the time and put something together on this route Whiskey A Go-Go (5.13a) today to showcase one of the most classic hard lines anywhere that also happens to reside in Wisconsin. However, due mainly to my obsessive addiction to beta when I really don’t need any, I spent most of my time today looking at beta for zero star areas throughout Wisconsin on This led me to the conclusion that:

  1. I need help 🙂
  2. My original post idea was really never going to do the route justice. I will come back to the topic once I have something nicer to share like pictures or if the stars align, video. Suffice it to say this route is really the “full value” route and if you ever should find yourself in WI for any reason it is worth the effort to climb this route. I can give you some more info if you leave a comment.

With that said, here is a list that I adapted from a drug addiction website that suits climbing pretty well.


  • Needing to climb even more to achieve the same effects. Also known as Endurance.


  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms (e.g. weakness, flailing, top roping) after reducing or stopping chronic climbing.

Doing more climbing than intended

  • Climbing for longer than you had planned. Climbing more frequently or for a longer period of time than intended.

Unable to stop using

  • Inability to stop climbing despite injury, divorce, or impending bankruptcy.

Preoccupation with climbing

  • Spending a lot of time getting, using, and recovering from the effects of climbing.

Giving up/reducing other activities

  • Abandoning or spending less time on previously-enjoyed activities, such as doing drugs, gambling, and socializing, in order to climb.

Failure to fulfill obligations

  • Neglecting school, work, or family responsibilities (e.g. never studying, never working, never calling) because of climbing.

Climbing-related social or interpersonal problems

  • Surrounding yourself with women that more closely resemble a man than you

Risky climbing

  • Climbing under dangerous conditions, such as while wearing Manpris. Taking risks while climbing, such as only stick clipping the 1st bolt.

Climbing-related physical or psychological problems

  • Continuing to climb despite physical problems (e.g. tendons, joints, ankles) or psychological problems (e.g. dirtbagging, not showering, embracing abject poverty) climbing has caused.

Climbing-related legal problems

  • Legal troubles because of climbing, such as arrests for trespassing, speeding, or showering.

Many but not all of these apply to me, let me know which ones you can identify with…

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