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Daniel Woods Talks About The Process

Daniel Woods, writing about his recent FA of The Process in Bishop, CA which he believes is V16:

To grade something like this is hard. Media loves big numbers and to see a progression with numbers. This line means so much more to me than just a number.
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I know and lived the mental/physical struggle this beast presented me and it is the hardest obstacle I have dealt with in my life thus far. The Process does not contain the hardest set of moves that I have ever done, but the full package really packs a punch. Linking v13 to v14 to v10 with scare factor involved is not easy.
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Daniel Woods Completes The Process

Daniel Woods completes the first ascent of the big project out in Bishop

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Petzl RocTrip 2014 – Ep6 – Olympos, Geyikbayiri, Citdibi – Turkey

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Daniel Woods Climbs Lucid Dreaming V15

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Exposure Vol. II Official Trailer

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Daniel Woods – EN ROUTE

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Are Climbing Videos Too Tame?

Daniel Woods, in an interview by Andrew Bisharat for Without Walls:

In climbing films, I feel like there is a pattern that we all follow. The filmmakers ask us the same questions in the interview and they want us to respond in this one way.
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Climbing films are more serious, less attitude [than skateboarding videos]. I feel like most viewers’ reaction is like, “Do climbers go out and party at night?
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Do they socialize? Do they go to cool dinners? Do they hang out with friends?”

Interesting point.  In general it does seem like many climbing videos are pretty “safe” in what they depict.  A lot of this is almost certainly due to the fact that many videos featuring prominent athletes like Woods are paid for by sponsors who have an investment in portraying a family-friendly image, especially given the huge youth audience in our sport.  I don’t see this changing really, but there are certainly other outlets like Instagram where professional climbers are still free to portray themselves more freely1.

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